The video of this lesson is an educational session focusing on the concept of data distribution in the context of growth hacking. The presenter discusses the necessity of not just capturing data, as covered in the previous lesson, but also effectively distributing and sharing it across various departments, teams, and tools to optimize growth strategies.

Key Points from the Video:

  1. Data Distribution vs. Reporting:
    • Data distribution should not be confused with reporting. While reporting is about visualizing numbers and statistics, data distribution involves moving detailed data across different applications.
  2. Reasons for Data Movement:
    • Notifications: Moving data allows for real-time notifications on platforms like Slack or Teams, providing immediate updates on user activities like form submissions.
    • Data Enrichment: Data enrichment services can add valuable information to basic data (like a Gmail account), providing insights into the user’s company, role, and other details.
    • Persistence: Data needs to be shared with third-party providers for various purposes, including order processing and reporting.
    • Processing: Essential for updating CRM systems with user data for further processing and automation.
  3. Technical Aspects of Data Distribution:
    • WebHooks: Many applications support webhooks, which act as listeners to receive and process incoming data.
    • Data Integration Platforms: Tools like Zapier and Make facilitate data distribution by integrating different applications and managing data flow.
  4. Challenges in Data Distribution:
    • Managing data distribution can become complex, especially when dealing with multiple applications and data points.
    • Founders and teams need to understand that captured data should not remain where it’s collected but needs to be moved to appropriate systems for effective use.
  5. Practical Applications and Examples:
    • The video provides practical examples of how data distribution works in real-world scenarios, such as receiving notifications on Slack for form submissions, enriching Gmail accounts with additional data, and updating CRMs with enriched data for different sales processes.
  6. Importance in Growth Hacking:
    • Data distribution is crucial for growth hacking as it ensures that the right data reaches the right tools and teams, enabling informed decision-making and strategy optimization.


This Lesson emphasizes the importance of efficiently distributing data across an organization’s various systems and tools. It highlights the need for understanding and implementing data distribution methodologies to ensure that data captured is not only stored but also utilized effectively for growth initiatives. The lesson underscores the role of data distribution in enabling real-time notifications, data enrichment, and seamless integration with CRMs and other systems, thereby contributing to cohesive strategies and informed decisions in growth hacking.