This video is a detailed lesson on engagement points in growth marketing. The presenter explains the concept of engagement points, their importance, and how to effectively use them to connect with users throughout the marketing funnel.

Key Points from the Video:

  1. Definition and Importance of Engagement Points:
    • Engagement points are two-way interactions between a website and its prospects, often manifested as calls to action (CTAs).
    • They are not limited to forms requesting emails but can include various interactions aimed at gathering user information, segmenting users, or receiving feedback.
  2. Examples of Engagement Points:
    • Chatbots, contact forms, requests for demos, eBook downloads, newsletter subscriptions, discount coupons, and social media shares.
    • The video showcases different engagement points, such as website health checks, role identification, blog post interactions, and more.
  3. Strategic Placement and Variety:
    • Engagement points should be strategically placed across different web properties (websites, landing pages, mobile apps, chatbots, etc.).
    • A variety of engagement points is crucial. Repeating the same CTA (like newsletter sign-ups) can be less effective.
  4. Reciprocity and Value Exchange:
    • Engagement points should follow the principle of reciprocity, offering something valuable (like an infographic, eBook, or template) in exchange for user information.
    • The content offered should be genuinely useful and can often be material already used internally.
  5. Connecting with User’s ‘Aha Moment’:
    • Engagement points should be timed with the user’s ‘aha moment’, like when they are reading relevant content or learning about services.
    • Techniques like pop-up messages during article scrolling can be effective.
  6. Beyond Data Collection:
    • Engagement points should trigger follow-up actions, like data integration with CRMs or analytics tools.
    • They can be used as conversation starters in sales discussions, leveraging the information gathered from user interactions.
  7. Importance in the Marketing Funnel:
    • Engagement points are crucial for converting users into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) or Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).
    • Many companies underutilize engagement points, missing opportunities to engage users effectively.


The video emphasizes the significance of engagement points in growth marketing, highlighting their role in user interaction, data collection, and lead qualification. It advocates for a strategic, varied, and reciprocal approach to designing and implementing engagement points to enhance user engagement and conversion.