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Master Classes & Workshops

We will upload here the recording of the masterclasses we will run with you all. You will be able to go through those master classes in a later phase.

Growth Hacking 101

101 serve as an introductory module, designed to provide students with a foundational understanding of the topic at hand. This session will cover the essential concepts, terminologies, and principles required for more advanced lessons. It's structured to ensure a smooth learning curve, blending theoretical knowledge with practical exercises. By the end of Lesson 101, students will have gained a solid grasp of the basics, preparing them for deeper exploration in subsequent modules

Content Marketing

This course aims to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills for successful content marketing. It covers how online content affects branding, audience reach, lead generation, and sales, highlighting content marketing as a key pillar of digital marketing.

Performance Marketing / Advertising

This ~5h course is in-depth, full of examples and full of off-loaded experiences from Experienced Performance Marketers on performance marketing, focusing on online advertising through various channels. It includes all Basic (and advanced) Rules and Tactics of advertising (like targeting and copywriting) but also it addresses all Key Questions and theories (always on a practical level) setting Up an Advertising Strategy.

Search Engine Optimization - Lesson

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This ~3h course offers an in-depth overview of SEO, covering its fundamentals, keyword research, and the importance of Rich Snippets. It analyses the on-page, on-site, and off-site optimization strategies, emphasizing the role of SEO in enhancing website visibility and brand authority. The course also explores current trends in SEO, highlighting the significance of understanding audience behavior and diversifying search platforms.

Social Media Marketing Course

Social Media Marketing

In this ~3h course, you will learn about Defining your audience persona, Setting goals, Monitoring and Researching, Selecting the Social media to use, Selecting what to post, Using Hashtags, creating a content calendar, Common challenges, Tips and tricks, and creating a winning profile on social media. The course is full of real-time examples from social media managers in the field.